City Life

City Life

Living in the city
Living in the city

City Life

Life wherever you are in the world, seems to be very similar. The actual places might be very different, but the day to day hustle and bustle are similar. It can be New York, Manchester, Chicago, Newcastle or any place you care to mention. There’s successful people, con-merchants, people down on their luck, people dying, people leaving and people arriving.

The Album

These photos are from a day I spent with my Canon G7X in Birmingham in the UK. I’ve visited many places in my life including New York, London, Johannesburg, Stuttgart, Nairobi, Milan and Copenhagen to name a few. They all have similarities on the human side. Homelessness, alchohol and drug addiction, abuse, loneliness and neglect. They certainly have their successful people too, but the social problems I’ve mentioned seem to be growing.

City centres the world over are catering to the rich and elite. The proper word for it is Gentrification. This is one reason we see so many sad scenes played out on our streets day after day. People with little or no hope for their future. Even the ones that have employment seem to be living hand to mouth most days.

Life In The City Seems So Full Of Disadvantages

It saddens me that so many people are facing a future that offers very little. We are living in a world which seems a million miles away from the world I grew up with. Taking photographs of city life is something I’ve always wanted to do. I just never expected to find it so full of disadvantages for huge numbers of our society. Where did it all go wrong?

It’s nice to see the skyscrapers of New York, or the Docklands of London being brought back to life. But at what cost? Life in the city seems to be favouring the rich and elite and before I hear someone say ‘it’s always been like that,’ think on. In this day and age, there really shouldn’t be any need for homelessness on the scale we are seeing it at now.

Help if you’re facing homelessness.

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