Continuous Shooting Canon G7X Mk1

Walking Man

One man and his walk
One man and his walk

Continuous Shooting

It’s funny how you find something on your camera and think to yourself how I can best use this?Continuous shooting Canon G7X came about when I was taking some street photography shots. I wasn’t sure if a camera of this nature would even be equipped with such a thing. Of course, I should have known better.

It’s Great To Try New Things

Needless to say, I wanted to try it out immediately. One of the basic uses for this mode is to take a gazillion shots of maybe the same face. You just hold down the shutter button and hey presto! A gazillion different poses of the same face. I needed to do something a little different.

Something Always Turns Up

As always, bang on cue, something random turns up and gives you the answer you were looking for. For me, it was the guy walking across the square of the shopping centre. He looked like he could be going home from work, or perhaps going to work. Anyway, I set my Canon to continuous shoot and focused on his every step.

A Little Help From Photoshop

I now had about 7 or 8 photographs of the guy walking past me. When I came to edit, the backgrounds were all out of synch. Photoshop to the rescue. I built up 7 layers starting with the first photograph and adding the next one and so on. I then had to remove the background on each layer until they were more or less lined up. Without a tripod, they’re never going to line up exactly. Hey ho, this is all part of the fun though.

A Lot Is Down To Imagination

As I had used a large aperture, the names of the stores were blurred as were most of the buildings. It was then just a simple case of stitching the layers together and making sure every thing was aligned. So far so good. All that was left now was to add some filters to give the image a arty effect and most of that is down to imagination.

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