Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

Dreaming of far away lands
Dreaming of far away lands

Day Dreaming

Everyone needs to spend time day dreaming. How else are you supposed to get through the day? I’ve read somewhere that people actually dream their lives into being. I’ve seen the books, Think Yourself Rich and Ask And It Is Given, all pushing the theme that you can wish for anything you want and it will happen!

No Harm In It

No harm in trying I suppose. When I took this photograph of the lady sat alone on the bench, she seemed as though she was in another world. She was day dreaming, of what, I have no idea. Perhaps she had a vision similar to the one here of a holiday in the warm sun on some far flung Caribbean Island? Who knows?

My Schooldays Were Spent Day Dreaming

I spent most of my schooldays sat at the back of the class, mouth wide open and staring out of the window. The times I was brought back to reality by the thud of a blackboard rubber landing very close to my head was many. It wouldn’t last long and I’d be off again, mouth wide open and staring out of the window.

I Dreamt Of Being A Pilot

I used to dream of being an airline pilot. It never happened. Probably because I never paid attention to my lessons. I suppose it’s similar to positive thinking. Greater things seem to happen to those that are always positive and happy about their lives. Anyway, I much prefer trying to be a positive person. And what’s wrong with a bit of day dreaming now and then?

Winning The Lottery

I often day dream about winning the lottery. Now, I bet 99% of people who buy a ticket day dream that one day, they’ll have the jackpot. I suppose it’s just human nature. In the meantime, I shall continue with my Photoshop day dreams.

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