I get asked a lot of questions by email and I thought this might be a helpful way of answering some of the more popular questions I get asked.

Q: Can I use your photographs or digital art on my website or publication?

A: Please let me know first, usually I’m ok about it, but I would like acknowledgement for any of my work, like a link back to my website. Of course, a small donation is always welcome too.

Q: Can you tell me how you created one of your pieces of digital art?

A: No. If I get the time I will start posting how I have created some pieces. In future, I may attempt to put some tutorials on here for various techniques.

Q: Do you really own only one camera?

A: Yes! My little pocket sized Canon G7X Mk1. It packs a punch and is great for taking unobtrusive photographs as well as in low light situations.

Q: Can I buy any of your work?

A: I don’t normally sell any photographs, but if you want to make an offer on anything, please ask. Of course, the photos on the website are of a lot lower resolution than the original work.

Q: Do you sell books  and cameras online?

A: Only as an Amazon affiliate. I get a small commission for any sales that are purchased through my website which in turns help to pay for the webspace etc.


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