Llangunllo Powys Wales

Llangunllo Powys

Llangunllo a small Welsh village
Llangunllo a small Welsh village

Llangunllo Powys Wales

Llangunllo is a small village situated in Powys, Wales. It has a population of just over 300 people. There’s only about 50 houses there in total. There is a thriving pub (The Greyhound) and they serve real ales. It also puts on live music events quite regularly. Many of the properties date from the 1700’s.

Strong Community Spirit

There’s a very strong community spirit in the village and it seems everyone knows everyone else. Most of the people are born and bred in Llangunllo although there are a few that have moved in, everyone gets along. The countryside around the village is thought to be some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

Superb Walking Country

The area where the village is located is great walking country. Glyndwr’s Way, runs right through the centre of the village. It has its own railway station although situated about a mile and a quarter away and trains stop by being requested by a wave of the hand.

St Cynllo

The name Llangunllo means The Church of St.Cynllo. Although never proven, there is a tradition that the church was founded about 500 AD by St Cynllo. Cynllo was supposedly a Prince. Early records show that he was the Great Grandson of another famous ruler, Cunedda. He came from Scotland to North Wales around 420 AD. However, other documents trace his descent from a ruler called Coel Hen which translates to Coel The Old and is believed to have passed into nursery rhyme legend as Old King Cole.


Whoever St Cynllo was, he was an important figure in Mid Wales. The Domesday Book shows what is now North Radnorshire as being called Cynllibiwg, ‘Cynllo’s Land’. At one time there were twelve churches dedicated to him in Radnorshire and four churches in Ceredigion. There are no other churches dedicated to him anywhere else in England or Wales.

You can find more about Llangunllo here

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