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Moonlit Night

A walk in the moonlight
A walk in the moonlight

Moonlight Walks

Moonlight walks loving talks is about trying to make a romantic picture from a mundane photograph. When you take lots of photographs, you can end up with many hundreds that you don’t know what to do with. I rarely delete any. After all, there’s no such thing as a bad photograph is there? So it was with this original photograph. It was taken in a busy shopping centre. I liked how the couple were keeping in time as they walked. However, I didn’t know how best to use it.

Time to fire up Photoshop. I stripped out all of the background which was mainly concrete and glass. I added the trees from photos I had taken out and about in springtime. Everybody has photographs they have taken of the moon. This was mine and again, I thought the original was over exposed, but I still kept it. Perfect for this artwork.

Make It Look Like Night time

Next up was to make the photo darker, almost night time. I did this by opening the image in Camera Raw and altering the tint and the exposure to give it that blue impression of night. Out came an old background of the night sky with stars I had. It was too small for this image, but it didn’t really matter. I just wanted the effect. After stretching it to fit the top half of the original photograph, I pasted it to to the background. A little bit of eraser set on a low percentage and smoothed out the joins at the top of the trees.

Next up was a photograph of my old lawn. I removed the path at the side and overlayed it below the trees. Again, the eraser with a soft setting was used to smooth out the join with the trees. I then darkened the grass and gave extra burning below the trees. Shadows were painted on below the couple using a soft brush with a dark colour. Then slightly blurred. A couple of Bats were added for a finishing touch. I downloaded them from a free png website. That’s about it, hope you enjoy.

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