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I think 99% of the photographs that are on this website have been taken using my Canon G7X Mk1. The remaining 1% have been shot using my Android phone. The G7X is the only photographic equipment I own. For many years, I had an Olympus OM2n that used 35mm film and an array of lenses.

As I’ve got older, I don’t want to carry a huge case of equipment around with me weighing me down. My brief to myself was to get a good quality camera that I could tuck away in my jacket pocket. Did such a thing exist? After some time researching various cameras and knowing I was biased towards Olympus, I surprised even myself with the findings.

Yep, the Canon Power Shot G7X Mk 1 ticked all my boxes. Ok, it has its limits, but then so do many other cameras. However, it does have some great positive points. A 1-inch 20.2-million-pixel sensor for a start, great for those low light level shots. The tilting screen on the back is big enough for me and of course the video recording is excellent. Not that I use it much for recording.

Some of the research stated: The PowerShot G7 X is designed for photographers who want the power, control and even the image quality of a D-SLR, but in a camera small enough to fit in a pocket. That could be a description of me. So there you have it. I carry around a small pocket sized camera that packs a huge punch.

Canon have since updated the G7X to a Mk2, but I honestly haven’t given it a look. I’m more than happy with my Mk1.

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Jerry (aka The Hairy 1)

Interesting. Last year I opted for the Panasonic Lumix TZ100. I looked seriously at the G7, as I use a Canon DSLR. The extra reach of the 25-250 lens on the TZ100 decided the day.
The modern 1 inch sensor really does the job. If I need more I always have the DSLR (Canon 60D), but I no longer need to carry the DSLR everywhere – getting too old for that!

Trevor Jones

Hi Jerry. I do like the Canon G7. I’m the same, I used to carry loads of heavy camera gear around with me, but it all got too heavy. I just wanted a decent small camera that I could take out with me and also keep it in my pocket when I needed.