Need Some Photography Inspiration?

Dead Flowers

Beauty is all around
Beauty is all around

Need Some Photography Inspiration?

On more than one occasion we all need some photography inspiration. Whether we are beginners or experts, every now and then we’ll be on the look out for something to inspire us. For some it comes quite easy. Others find it so difficult they nearly dump their camera forever. Whenever I’m faced with the problem of lack of inspiration, which is quite often, I have a little plan I carry out.

I do a 360 degree turn and look at everything that is almost within touching range. Certainly not further than say 6 feet away. If I’m not inspired, I do it again, but the opposite way. Don’t forget to look up and down too. Sometimes, we don’t see the wood for the trees.

The photograph of the Dead Flowers came about because I was looking for inspiration. I did the pirouette thing above and saw the dying rose in the vase. The light was just perfect and it gave the scene a sort of oil painting look to it.

Inspiration Is All Around Us

Inspiration is all around us. I know, it doesn’t seem like it some days. We often look too far afield for something to photograph. A sunset, a frosty morning, birds on a lake and so on. They’re all great subjects to take photos of and very inspiring. But when you can’t get to these places for whatever reason, we need to take a look around us.

So the next time you say to yourself, I need some photography inspiration look closer to home. What’s on the table, the sideboard or the shelf? Is there a pet close by? Flowers? Before you know it, you’ll have a list as long as your arm. Hopefully a list that will always help you find something inspirational.

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Simple Dimple

Wow! I’m glad I got here today. This blog fascinates me and it’s really an interesting place to visit often. You’ve got a lot going on here and I’m inspired by some of your photography shots and narratives. Thank you for being a great support to my blog. Your visits are well appreciated. 🙂

Trevor Jones

Thank you for your great comments. do enjoy my photography and blogging and it’s rewarding to see comments like yours. Thank you. I enjoy your blog very much too. Thank you again and I hope you’ll enjoy more photographs in the future.