Reflections Of Darkness Bringing The World To An End

Red Sun Reflection

Sahara sand causing a yellow sky with a red sun.
Sahara sand causing a yellow sky with a red sun.

Reflections of Darkness

In parts of the UK, the sky went a dark yellow and the sun appeared a reddish orange colour.My photograph Reflections of drakness bringing the world to an end is the best I could do to capture this strange phenomenon.

The Sun Looked Like A Satsuma

Parts of the country, particularly towards the west, were expecting to be hit by the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia. Indeed, they were and some parts have suffered quite bad from the effects of the storm. The rest of us were left with this eerie, apocalyptic scenario of a yellow sky with the sun looking something similar to a satsuma.

Sand From The Sahara Desert

There was also a strange silence about the place. Normally, the sound of birds chirping away was suddenly missing. The winds were strong, but there was no rain. Apparently, the problem was caused by Ophelia. The outer edges of the winds had managed to suck up sand from the Sahara Desert blowing it across Spain and up to the UK.

From Cardiff To Birmingham

Social media became full with photographs of the red sun and yellow sky. Bristol, London, Birmingham and Cardiff. People were asking the same question, is this the end of the world? Of course it wasn’t. It must have confused the birds too by the sound of their silence. I’m not sure if they were frightened or confused by the darkness, thinking it was night.

Never Seen Anything Like It

In all my years, I don’t think I’ve experienced anything quite like this. The nearest thing is probably a total eclipse of the sun. The same sort of darkness and eerie quietness happens then. We were very lucky though compared to parts of Ireland. Hopefully, the storm is slowly heading away from the Ireland and the UK and will slowly lose its strength.

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