September Sun

Enjoying The September Sun

Sunbathing wherever you can
Sunbathing wherever you can

Enjoying the September sun. This is why I nearly always carry my Canon G7X with me. A opportunity presents itself and boom. You have to take it. It’s nearly the end of September when I took this. The summer sun was giving off its final warmth of the year. This gent was enjoying every second of it. Sat in his porchway at home, protected from any cool breeze and happily enjoying his time reading the newspaper.

To take the photograph, I just took my Canon G7X out of my pocket and away I went. This is the beauty of having a small, but quality camera with you. It fits neatly in my jacket pocket. There was some curtain twitching when I started pointing at the house,but, I was that fast it was all over and done with in a matter of seconds.

There’s a lot of truth in the saying that if there’s nothing to photograph, then make it happen. If you look to hard, you’ll see nothing. Relax, but be aware of all that’s going on around you. And don’t forget to look up and behind you. You’ll be surprised at what catches your eye.

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