St Paul’s Church Hockley Birmingham UK

St Paul's Birmingham

The Church in Hockley Birmingham
The Church in Hockley Birmingham

St Paul’s

St Paul’s Church, Hockley, Birmingham UK was originally built in 1779 by Roger Eykyns, an architect who hailed from Wolverhampton. A Grade 1 listed building, it stands in the heart of the famous jewellery quarter close to the centre of Birmingham. It’s set in grounds and although not a graveyard, does have some headstones. Its lawns and plant life are well kept and there are plenty of benches for peaceful rest.

I took the original photograph in the spring of 2017 on a late afternoon. I’m not an expert on buildings of any type. If I like something, then I photograph it in the hope of capturing some of its fascination. In this photograph, using Photoshop as my editor, I wanted to convey a welcoming feeling in an oasis of manufacturing history. The church remains as busy as ever after over 200 years in the area.

Historical Birmingham

This part of Birmingham is steeped in history. The Jewellery Quarter produces about 40% of the UK’s jewellery every year. The Assay office is here too and Hallmarks about 12 million items annually. Although the manufacture of jewellery has declined here, the area has been transformed into an urban village and includes up and coming creative businesses.

The importance of this part of the city is highlighted by numerous conservation schemes as well as becoming the Anchor Point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. There are now cafes, workshops, hotels and music establishments namely The Jam House in the local vicinity. Birmingham’s thriving city centre is within walking distance.

St Paul’s Church does have its own website here.

If you like history, particularly urban history, then The Jewellery Quarter comes highly recommended. A hive of creativity showing its strong connections back to the past when St Paul’s was at the very heart of the community. It also has its own website which you can visit here.

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