The Girl With Red Hair

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The Girl With Red Hair

There was a young lady who passed me by today, the girl with the reddest hair I have ever seen. It surprised me, in a good way, how bright she stood out against the greyness of the concrete jungle.

There’s a poem about Red Heads I’ve found by Berry van Hagan

Girls With Red Hair

No girls are more beautiful then girls with red hair.
If ever by fortune one you should meet
the kiss from her lips will knock you right off your feet
for a girl with red hair is truly fair.

Be it straight or curly or worn in a bun,
her sweet cherry lips, so soft warm and wet
will be an experience you’ll never forget.
With her hair and her kisses your heart she’ll have won.

Dear friends, my experience I’d like to share.
From my balcony a girl with red hair I did see.
She was surely the most beautiful girl to me
and I lost my heart right there and then.

Her lips, her eyes, her cheeks were fair.
Her female lines and curves made me feel hot.
Her beauty was dazzling and bewildering but
the most beautiful about her was her red hair.

The romance we had which I thought would last,
although it was passionate and ardent and strong,
didn’t, come to think of it, really last all that long
so the only thing left is to treasure the past.

She made the decision not to see me again.
Was it unfair that she stole my heart?
I freely gave it to her right from the start.
When she left I felt like a broken man.

Still now, my friends, I feel no regret.
For the happiness we shared there is no measure
and the memories I’ve got of her I still treasure.
She’s the most beautiful girl I ever met.

And therefore, my friends, I like to repeat
that no girls are more beautiful then girls with red hair
and if my experience you happen to share
you’ll agree that it’s no use for other girls to compete.

Of all the girls that will give you loves call,
blonde or brown, short or tall,
it’s a girl with red hair that will make you fall
as she is the most beautiful one of them all.

Believe me, my friends, for I have been there,
although other girls may be pretty as well
and I loved many girls so I’m able to tell,
the most beautiful girls are the girls with red hair!

You can find the original poem and much more at

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